Saturday, June 27, 2009

A few more pics

It has been a long time I know, puter has been down and I have been working on getting the BBQ stand up and running. So, here are some pics that I have promised some folks.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I went out Monday with a couple buddies to a local pond. We had a strong S wind about 15 to 20mph. Right at shooting time we had a group of about 25 mallards really acting right had 3 commit and we waited on the mother load but the didn't cooperate and we ended up with nada. Then we had a kamikaze Gadwall drake rain into the dekes and smoked him. Shortly after a greenhead did the same thing. After staring at the beautiful blue sky for a couple hrs and debating on wether to leave here come two greenheads right into the dekes so we smoked those and picked up. It wasn't fast and furious but fun was had by all.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Opening Weekend!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I did good food, friends, family and OPENING WEEKEND of Duck hunting for us boys here in the South Zone. My buddy Jerimy came down for the weekend and we headed out to the swamp EARLY Thursday morning. We got to the spot that we wanted and got the decoys set and a were ready to roll. No wind to speak of and shooting time arrives along with the ducks. We killed 3 Gadwalls right away and with no wind they were landing in spots that we hadn't expected. As the sun came up the ducks were pilling in, but about 400yds away. We stilled had them working the spread but the majority were pouring in on the live ducks, 400yds away. We ended up killing 5 more before we had to pack up and get back for Thanksgiving dinner. 2Mallards 4Gadwalls 1 Widgeon 1GWteal.
Headed back to the same spot but where the ducks were pilling in the day before. There was a NW wind about 10mph and it was about 40degrees. Killed a couple Gadwalls that lit just shy of the decoys right after shootin time. For about the next hour or so we had them working the decoys but they were cuttin us short and landing wide of the decoys. I suggested turning of or taking down the robos, my friend had brought but he wasn't having it, I am not a fan of them. The birds were already call shy and were quickly learning the routine. We ended up with 3 GWteal, 6 Gadwalls and 1 Widgeon. We had 2 birds make it to the very thick brush and muck before Shawnee could get them. Pretty good 2days to start the season!
NE wind 15mph 35 degrees Didn't hardly see many birds. What flew were done by 9am. So we called it quits with 1 Gadwall bagged.
SUNDAY- didn't go
I went to a friends pit in Perry Co. The wind was BLOWNIN 25mph out of the NW and it was snowin pretty good. Right at shooting time 3 Gadwalls come right in the decoys......and we wiffed. I couldn't believe it. We were praying for a reprive. It came in the form of 6 Ringnecks flying faster than the speed of sound and I dropped one and that was that. Shortly after, here come some snows. I usually don't think much about them and really didn't then but there were some snow dekes out and when Gus hit the calls the dropped about 50 feet off the water and were headed straight for us. When they got over the top we took our shots. It took what seemed like 30 seconds and 2 dropped....yeehaa! My first Snow Goose!! To finish of a fine hunt we dropped 2 Ringnecks that came into the decoys. 2Snows and 3Ringnecks
There is something to hunting by yourself that is soul cleansing and peaceful. Well, I had Shawnee with me. Went to what is usually one of my afternoon spots that is a very easy hunt. Not really much wind but what was blowing was out of the SW. It was 25 degrees and just about all the water on the hole was froze. I threw out 9 dekes in the open water just right before shootin time and Shawnee and I got situated. Shortly there after here come 3 GWteal, they made one pass and lit right in the decoys. I Arkansawd 2 of them with one shot and got the other one gettin away. I then heard the guys down the way callin and saw a single mallard hen lookin. I didn't even pick up the calls and sure enough the guys down the way blew here right into my decoys. I had just came back from relieving myself and had some brush inbetween me and her. I gave her a shot while she was swimmin around threw some brush and hit her. Shawnee was on here like a cheap suit and right before she chomped down the duck dove and get this...swam under the damn ice. Needless to say that was all she wrote. I didn't hardly see many ducks or hear much shooting. We need a PUSH!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I went down to Mo. to chase some ducks and must say we had an enjoyable couple days. The weather was just a bit too warm for my liking, low 45 - high 75. I hunted Monday and Tues. There was very little wind both days and not a whole lot of birds but just enough to make it interesting. I killed 5 Mon. 2 shovelers, 2 Gadwalls, and a mallard drake. Only two greenheads made it to the skillet Tues but saw alot more of them than the previous day. We are thinking of heading down next week. Cathy took the pics and I think she got one of Bigfoot in the woods. Be Safe!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The new season has arrived and not a moment too soon. My wife and I drove up to Central Il and stayed with our freinds for the opening weekend. Saturday, got out to the spot WAY to early. We had way to many decoys. Anticipation was high as the spirits were too. The winds were out of the SW and it was about 45 degrees. Shooting time arrives and with a bang. The woodies were everywhere. Well, all 4 of us got our 3 woodducks and 2 shovelers. We had a little incident, two of us, me included, needed 1 woodie a peice to fill our limit of those rascals. As me and my buddy are waiting to fill our limit of woodies here comes 3 and they are low and about ready to light on us. One young man who had killed his woodducks ends up killing all three of the ducks and the one that was closest and about 3 feet of the deck, first one he killed, was double banded with a $100 dollar reward band. Needless to say some feathers got ruffled.

Sun, about 47 degrees wind blowing like it was nobodies business. Me and my buddy ended up with 6 woodies and a spoonie and left by 9. There were lots and lots of big ducks flying but very high. It looked like maybe there was a push of birds in the area.

Mon, what a GREAT hunt! It was just above freezing when we got up. Winds were blowing pretty good for 5 in the am. Wind had shifted to the NW. We were hunting a timber hole. We got the decoys set and as we were having our coffee and cigs just before shooting time we had birds lighting in the decoys. Oh was the blood pumping! Only group of mallards we had work lit in the decoys just before shooting time. 7:56 and it was on like Donkey-Kong! 2 of us had a limit of ducks by 8am and ended up with 16 between 3 of us. Mostly gadwalls but killed some woodies and one widgeon.

It was just what the doctor ordered before our season down south starts. I just might have to make it up that way one more time before Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy the picture of Cathy cleaning the bird. She does it so well.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The end of ducks season came and went with a wimper and it has been a long winter. Things are looking up though, found these today!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Finally, a good hunt! 1 shy of a four man limit of mallards. I was getting ansy and starting to doubt this season. We had a few nice bunches work very well and two of those got extremely right. Headed out tomorrow as I have the fever. Good Luck and be safe.